Smart engineering

Measuring is key – whether for optimum planning of small cells or to determine the best location for a POP in a new residential neighbourhood. Here, too, we make use of smart technology at VolkerWessels Telecom. We use the latest measurement and marking technology for above-ground and below-ground engineering. This combines data from ground radar systems with 360º panorama images in very high resolution and mobile mapping, and brings them together in unique software. This generates unprecedented results and unique accuracy.




Less nuisance

Engineering is about thinking ahead. Our approach is guided by the aim of delivering on time with a minimum of nuisance and at the lowest possible cost. At VolkerWessels Telecom, we know what impact our activities have on the local area, so we invest in long-term relationships with the local community. We seek to minimise nuisance through the efficient use of time and space and innovative resources, but also through clear and unambiguous communication. Our proactive approach ensures predictability, keeping everyone informed and involved.