Smart energy

Sustainability and technology are taking great strides in tandem – for example, the growing demand for solar panels and electric cars. In response to that demand, network operators and utilities are looking for smart ways to manage the electricity grid. On the one hand, that will be aimed at avoiding overloading the grid and, on the other, at allowing consumers to feed the energy they generate into the grid. VolkerWessels Telecom connects so-called ‘smart grids’ with the fibre-optic network, enabling connected devices to be automatically charged or switched on and the demand for electricity to be regulated.

Smart meters

In the coming years, smart meters will be installed in millions of households. These meters are read through network infrastructures such as fibre-optic cable, mobile data connections or the power grid. And in this way, they steer energy supply in an indirect and smart manner. With our experience in door-to-door fibre-optic projects, we are in a position to facilitate the large-scale roll-out of smart metering.