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Data centres

Constructing a data centre demands a tailored approach. Together with other companies within the VolkerWessels group, VolkerWessels Telecom can deliver a perfectly functioning, tailor-made data centre. Naturally, the functional part of a data centre is the primary requirement, but the principles of energy control, reliability and choice of location also determine its success.

Data centre design

There is a growing demand for more power per square metre in data centres – which also means a demand for more cooling. The government is also imposing [M1] new laws and regulations, such as continuous certification. These new rules necessitate recurring investments and modifications. We are adapting [M2] the design specifications and the technology of data centres to the ever-higher requirements of customers and government on a daily basis.


Data centre construction

The size of the data centre, its availability, capacity per square metre and other specific customer requirements are laid down in consultation with the customer in a Schedule of Requirements. Based on this Schedule of Requirements, we create a final design.