We design, build, manage and maintain telecom infrastructure, offering a complete range of services: from consultancy and design through construction and project management to infrastructure management and maintenance. Working together in an integrated way is our starting point and smart solutions provide the foundation. That not only means we take care of everything for our customers, it also helps optimise the entire chain. We provide turnkey projects from A to Z and our service is centred on our customers.



From consultancy to construction

Optimum utilisation and coverage of a network, whether mobile, fixed or hybrid, starts with transparent advice and a clear plan. Once this has been established, our structural engineers, draughtsmen and engineers sit down at the drawing board. At this point, the sky is the limit, from the design of concrete and steel structures to the choice of active equipment.

Integrated project management

Projects are becoming ever more complex. It is a wide-ranging playing field with different stakeholders. That’s why VolkerWessels Telecom takes care of everything for its customers in terms of integrated project management, including permit applications, coordinating activities between the client, location managers, construction teams and subcontractors, checking the work that has been done, but also transparent communication with the local community.

Management and service

Our size and national coverage enable us not only to perform the generic work in a systematic and efficient/cost-effective manner, but also to think and operate outside the box on wide-ranging projects. We design and construct telecom networks with the aim of minimising the total cost of ownership. Our managed services and our proactive management and maintenance help optimise the total lifespan of all kinds of networks and associated installations.

Smart technology

Smart watches, intelligent fridges, remote care. The environment we live in is becoming smarter every day and we all benefit from that. New technology makes our lives easier and offers us a lot of...

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Data centers

Constructing a data centre demands a tailored approach. Together with other companies within the VolkerWessels group, VolkerWessels Telecom can deliver a perfectly functioning, tailor-made data...

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Telecommunication services

As a business partner of KPN, VolkerWessels Telecom translates your wishes into bespoke solutions. Whether for fixed or mobile networks, speech or data, business customers of KPN can come to us...

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