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Electronic monitoring

Companies are increasingly the victims of crime like theft, arson, and vandalism. From construction sites to business parks, VolkerWessels Telecom's electronic monitoring offers a solution.

Electronic monitoring

Comprehensive package

Doing the rounds with a walkie-talkie and torch belongs in the past. Electronic security is an efficient and reliable alternative to costly on-site security guards. Cameras, sensors, access systems and broadband connections are parts of a comprehensive package that VolkerWessels Telecom offers for effective remote protection.
Electronic monitoring

Verified reporting

"The police are on their way." Every incident reported at our incident room is checked against digital photographs or live images, whereupon our employees inform any ‘uninvited guests' via intercom that they have been spotted. In many cases, this is enough to scare them away.

Access control

Barrier, card reader, turnstile or speed gate: with electronic access control, you can be sure that only authorized persons have access to your premises. VolkerWessels Telecom not only provides the access system but also takes care of the monitoring of personal data of potential cardholders for you.
Electronic monitoring

Site security

You can ‘build' on the expertise of VolkerWessels Telecom. As a subsidiary of one of the largest construction companies in the Netherlands, we know exactly how to make a building site secure - huts, storage sheds or the entire site. We will provide a solution tailor-made to fit your situation.

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