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Solar energy

We bask in sunlight, even in the Netherlands. But we make too little use of it. Solar energy is not a question, but a sustainable answer.


Generating your own energy

Sustainable roofs are something we put a lot of energy into at VolkerWessels Telecom - solar energy that is. As a telecommunications specialist, we possess extensive knowledge of roofs and roof structures. So the step towards sustainable PV (Photo Voltage) installations was not a big one for us. We help companies and institutions to leverage unused space on rooftops to generate their own energy.


Integrated approach

From subsidy advice to design and from procurement to long-term maintenance: VolkerWessels Telecom not only installs the solar cells but handles the entire process. We advise on the financing of a project and can participate in the construction phase.

Solar energy


As part of the VolkerWessels Group, we guarantee you a reliable solar energy system and the continuity of your power supply. Several major projects in the Benelux and Germany exemplify our approach, such as:
  • Finowfurt (Germany): 136 kWp solar installation
  • Waterschap Velt & Vecht, Coevorden: 250 kWp solar power plant
  • Chain complex, Amsterdam: 17,000 KWh per year


More information

Want to know more about how you can benefit from solar energy or do you need our help in resolving an issue? Feel free to contact us or see the Dutch solar energy brochure for more information.