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Corporate Responsibility

Technology plays an important role in our lives and in our homes. It makes our lives easier and offers a huge amount of freedom. Technology enables connectivity and communication between people and devices. That’s why we are currently already working on the technology and infrastructure that will make life and living even more comfortable in the future.

Duurzaamheidsverslag 2016

A sustainable and socially conscious world

VolkerWessels Telecom believes in adding social and economic value by means of telecommunications and technology. As part of VolkerWessels, we take pride in helping to build a sustainable, socially conscious world. However, our activities are not always invisible and they often have an impact on the local environment, either temporary or permanent. At VolkerWessels, we consider it important to communicate the consequences of our activities. In our sustainability report, we draw a picture of the challenges we face as a company and the opportunities they offer. 

Click here to read the 2016 Sustainability Report online.


We realise that by raising awareness and utilising smart technologies and concepts, we can substantially reduce our negative impact on the living environment – including COemissions. Since April 2014, we have been certified for CO2 performance ladder level 4. We take our responsibility for future generations and do our utmost to prevent waste. Analyses show that we can achieve excellent results by focusing on improved waste management and energy and fuel consumption. So we are investing in these areas and at the same time working hard to raise awareness – both within and outside the organisation – and stimulate ideas for more environmentally-friendly business operations. Read more about our emission flows and measures on our CO2 performance ladder page.