Do you have weak mobile coverage in your office or car park? Does the connection drop out as soon as you enter a tunnel? Having well-insulated buildings and lots of people gathered together in one place sometimes means we don't have the same experience indoors as outdoors. Remarkably enough, 80 per cent of the expenditure on network optimisation is spent outdoors, whereas 80 per cent of mobile phone and data traffic takes place indoors. VolkerWessels Telecom ensures that walls no longer form an obstacle and that continuous coverage can be guaranteed within buildings.

Company networks

WiFi is increasingly being used by companies for primary access. This development is related to the rise of flexible workplaces, home-working, mobile applications, etc. How can companies modify...

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Our modern, insulated houses and office buildings provide pleasant living and working environments – but they are not always ideal for mobile coverage. The indoor range of mobile signals is...

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Fiber in the Home

The environment we live in is becoming smarter every day. The average household currently has five internet-connected devices. It won't be long before that number rises to 500. Strangely, we...

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