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Safe working

When it comes to working safely, at VolkerWessels Telecom we do not compromise. Everyone in our company must be aware of the risks of our profession. Safe operation must be obvious, whether you work at height or in the meter box at an end user. It is all about being alert; a small inadvertence can have big consequences. Our safety programme WAVE, Wees Alert! Veiligheid Eerst! (which translates into: Be Alert! Safety First!), puts specific focus on this awareness and behavior.


Safety. In everything VolkerWessels Telecom does, safety comes first. All our employees are aware of the risks their work involves. That’s why safety values and rules have been drawn up for...

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Working at height

Working at height is part of daily routine at VolkerWessels Telecom. If you are working at great height, you need to be able to trust not only your colleagues but also your equipment. We employ...

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Reduced excavation damage

The situation below ground is busy and complex. There are over 400,000 kilometres of cables and conduits in the Netherlands. In addition, the soil may be contaminated or contain something of...

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