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Portfolio Companies

Our tech companies are indispensable. They offer technical solutions that allow VolkerWessels Telecom to overcome network design and construction challenges. 

Hyrde 1


Our environment is becoming increasingly smart thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). Hyrde facilitates IoT solutions by relying on the right combination of experts, resources and network. Turnkey IOT buildings and geo-location techniques to trace tools and traffic signs for stock and planning management are just a few examples. Hyrde provides the services that allow VolkerWessels Telecom to help solve the urban challenges of the future.


From trees and lampposts to road markings and water pipes, and from a mast's coverage to the cables underground, MapXact maps the world with unprecedented accuracy. The company uses a combination of mobile mapping, 3D scanners and ground radar technology with unique software. VolkerWessels Telecom calls in MapXact for fibre optic projects. The ground radar enables us to identify exactly what’s underground, eliminating the need for trial trenches and preventing excavation damage.

Recognize - Homij Configurator


What does tomorrow’s world look like? Our colleagues from subsidiary Recognize answer that question every day. They work closely with clients to develop bespoke creative and innovative B2B software solutions, making use of the latest technological developments, such as IoT, asset management, machine learning, GIS data and augmented and virtual reality.