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Volker Wessels Telecom Netwerk Solutions bv,
KvK-nr. 32131577

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Mobile networks

The Netherlands is 'digitizing'. Smartphones and tablets have become indispensable. But this 'digital revolution' imposes stringent requirements on the performance of mobile networks. And that is where VolkerWessels Telecom comes in. We are unsurpassed in building and maintaining these communication networks and in keeping them reliable and available. Whether it is for GSM, UMTS or LTE networks, or the critical C2000 and GSM-R networks, VolkerWessels Telecom makes sure it all works.


We consume energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the morning when we get up, during the day at the office, and in the evening when we are all watching television. So stable electricity networks are essential in today's society. Although it is not immediately evident from our name, VolkerWessels Telecom makes an important contribution to ensuring the continuity of this energy supply. Our experience with critical telecommunications networks comes in very handy in this regard. For example, we help to build the above-ground high-voltage grid, put energy into solar panels, participate in the construction of wind farms, and are ready for new developments like smart metering and electric vehicles.


Security is in everybody's interest - not just the security of people and property, but also of systems, installations, and infrastructures. We are pleased to do our bit in this regard. Because when you invest in security, you are investing in continuity. From offices to building sites and from people to dikes, VolkerWessels Telecom provides monitoring.


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