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Our Ambition

Telecoms form the basis for the worldwide demand for connectivity; for being totally and continuously connected with the internet and with each other. Telecoms take away barriers to new applications and creates room for progress. And that is exactly what VolkerWessels Telecom stands for. We combine our years of experience with creative and innovative solutions and technical experts who put the end user first. In this way, we take the smartest aspects of two worlds – technology and telecommunications – and enable the future.

Working together = standard

The world of telecommunications is a dynamic world. In order to contribute to this world as a company in an economic and social sense, we need to be flexible. Teamwork is our default setting. It is a daily and ongoing process. We want to be a company in which every employee feels at home and is able to work with passion and enjoyment – and at the same time takes responsibility for the professionalism of their work and behaviour.

Our responsibility


VolkerWessels Telecom believes in adding social and economic value by means of telecommunications and technology. As part of VolkerWessels, we take pride in helping to build a sustainable, socially conscious world.

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Working together in an integrated way is our starting point and smart solutions provide the foundation. That not only means we take care of everything for our customers, it also helps optimise the entire chain. We provide turnkey projects from A to Z and our service is centred on our customers.

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