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VolkerWessels Telecom creates the world’s tallest Christmas tree


The ‘World's Tallest Christmas Tree' has been decorated once again. The final lights that will transform the transmission mast in IJsselstein (Netherlands) into a giant Christmas tree, have now been hung by VolkerWessels Telecom. This makes the tree ready for the lights to be switched on officially on Saturday 7th December.

Very special task

VolkerWessels Telecom has many years of experience working at heights and in building and refurbishing transmission masts. That's why the work at the Gerbrandy tower in IJsselstein was familiar territory for the firm's engineers. Yet for our colleagues, transforming this transmission mast into a Christmas tree is always a very special task. This is because of the particular function that the mast performs during the month of December and into January. The lights on the tree can be seen from far and wide during the dark December days and nights

More than 120 lights

Then, after Twelfth Night, the engineers from VolkerWessels Telecom have to commence the task of taking the lights down again. In total, there are 12 guy wires stretched around the tower with more than 120 lights. A winch has been installed at every level to hoist the wires up. Then the plastic-covered cables with the lights themselves are pulled up using a small winch and attached to the tower. These light cables are tensioned to a weighted container at the bottom of the transmission mast. The top light at the pinnacle of the tree is located 372 metres from the ground.