VolkerWessels Telecom l Infratechniek - Location Zwijndrecht

Contact information

Ter Steeghe Ring 9
3331 LX Zwijndrecht

Postbox 302
3330 AH Zwijndrecht

T +31 (0)88 186 04 20
F +31 (0)88 186 04 21
E advies-zw@vwtelecom.com
I http://www.volkerwesselstelecom.com

Chamber of Commerce information:
Chamber of Commerce details: Volker Wessels Telecom Infratechniek bv, KvK-nr. 32091494

High-speed Internet. Work from home on your company's network. Get on-demand television. Videoconference with colleagues on the other side of the world. New applications require increasingly larger bandwidths. We all want faster, more, and better. VolkerWessels Telecom knows better what people want than anybody else. We design, build, manage and maintain many types of networks, from copper-wire to fiber-optics and from new constructions to reconstructions. No matter whether people want the Internet, digital television, PIN payments or interconnected corporate networks - VolkerWessels Telecom can provide it.

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